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Great news from our partner school in Astypalaia!

"We are pleased to present a video that Sting introduces singing his song "Message in a Bottle". To be specific it is a video in which children living on islands all over the world send their messages to political leaders on the occasion of the conference on climate change #СOP26 in Glasgow. From Greece, the Gymnasium of Astipalea participates, sending, through our children, its own special messages. It is worth noting that the whole project "Message in a Bottle" was fully supported by the Scottish Government.

On the following link you can listen to Sting and the messages of all the children who participated. On 12.31 you can see the student of the Gymnasium of Astypalea Irini-Theodora Katakouzinou, on 18.04 the student Efstathios Karakostas-Moraitis & on 23.58 the student Manos Joachim Menelaos Rademacher.

Many congratulations to the children for the worthy representation of our island and our school in this global meeting for the protection of the planet against climate change. We are very proud that your voice will be heard all over the world!"


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