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Sailing Towards Sustainable Education

Update: Fieldtrip to Vlieland cancelled due to bad weather forecasts

Island Schools to Unveil Policy Recommendations at European Rural Geographies Conference

GRONINGEN, The Netherlands, June 20, 2023

Island Schools, a pioneering project committed to redefining the educational landscape on islands, will present a suite of policy recommendations at the 3rd European Rural Geographies Conference in Groningen, the Netherlands, on June 28th. This initiative is aimed at creating resilient, sustainable island communities through innovative and inclusive education.

Through their pioneering work, the Island Schools project highlights the urgent need for targeted policies and initiatives to empower island schools, ensuring they can meet their distinct educational, social, and environmental challenges.

In an interactive programme that takes learning beyond the classroom, delegates attending the conference will embark on a field trip to Vlieland, one of the islands where these policy recommendations have direct implications. This immersive experience aims to provide a first-hand understanding of the distinct dynamics of island education, encapsulating a real-life model of the issues discussed.

"The policy recommendations we're bringing forth reflect the voice of the islands," said Christina Rundel, PhD Candidate at the University of Groningen and partner in the Island Schools project. "They capture the unique needs and aspirations of island communities, highlighting ways we can harness innovation, technology, and sustainable development to unlock new opportunities for students in these areas."

Among the key issues addressed in the policy recommendations are improved transportation and internet connectivity, curriculum customization to include sustainability and environmental education, retaining qualified teachers, resolving administrative issues, and fostering partnerships with educational hubs and labs.

The policy recommendations not only provide crucial insights for educational stakeholders but also contribute to ongoing conversations on island development, rural sustainability, and socio-economic resilience.

"Our focus extends beyond education; it is about enhancing the liveability of these islands and their sustainable development. The policy recommendations are our roadmap to achieving that," added Christina Rundel.

The Island Schools policy recommendations promise to be a major highlight of the European Rural Geographies Conference. For more information on the conference, visit


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